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The magic word way back when we studied was CROQUIS! Most of us sketched and had a free hand signature style. Most of our faculty could identify our work from afar. Rendering was a common term and each of us struggled with a print or a texture with almost every design assignment.

And! There used to be an award for the best illustrator!

Cut to today. As a seasoned fashion industry rag trade garmento, I find my most favourite go-to stress buster is a pencil and a paper. The feel and texture of the surface and the soft friction on it of an extra dark pencil is therapeutic. Grab the pencil and move in tandem with your thoughts…ahhhh!

Earlier on (I talk about 30 years ago when I was a junior designer at my first job at INTERCRAFT), BUYER was the biggest ever term and really important. This group of beautiful and nice smelling foreigners used to descend on our office for weeks at a stretch (out of visuals that I have etched in my mind). You worked with them the whole day and took them out to dinner, never ordering noodles lest it dangles from your mouth and you cannot scoop it in quick enough. The point is, the buyers sat with you and you sketched. The whole sampling range…20 styles? 50 styles?? One had no computers and no laptops. And certainly no access to internet. And so you just imagined the buyer brief and put the pencil to task!

I find that urge to draw lacking in the new professionals and find them practically petrified of wielding a pencil. Each has access to the w.w.w. and a printer and voila! And you wonder how your smart millennial-junior-design-assistant is ever going to sit with a client and pencil out the brief.

I really wish the design schools rekindle that romance of sketching in our future design professionals, ingrain the importance of proportions. And details. And let the new age revel in this beautiful art of expression.


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